Create a website using the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world made even better with our performance-enhanced version of WordPress. Suitable for both website designers and clients looking to work with a WordPress web designer.

Select the right CMS for your web design needs

Your content management system (CMS) is the primary tool used to create, edit and publish content on the website. SWD recommends utilising WordPress as the CMS of choice to all our clients due to its open-source nature (zero licensing fees) and flexibility in allowing for customisation.

WordPress is also the most popular open-source content management system (CMS), powering over 30% of all websites on the internet. It’s used by some of the largest companies in the world, including Facebook, Sony, The Guardian, Forbes and ESPN.

A WordPress platform made especially for Web Designers

WordPress is an open-source platform, which allows developers to contribute to core functionalities through themes and plugins. While this flexibility does create the potential for security risks if not treated appropriately, we are able to mitigate these dangers by ensuring that any integrations and third-party plugins are vetted prior to their use. If a plugin does not meet our criteria, instead of relying on external source code, we will build it internally.

SWD uses a modified version of WordPress for web designers looking to ensure performance. This means you can design a great looking website and have confidence that not only will that design be brought to life in the best way possible, it will also be secure, bug-free and robust long after it goes live.

Our goal in creating this bespoke version of WordPress is to support our clientele in creating a CMS that is better suited for business use, minimising the shortcomings while accentuating its benefits.

Creating websites for over 15 years

WordPress for web designers engineered to last

We understand that as a web designer, you want to focus on your design while needing confidence that you can leave the technical aspects to experts. This is why our team will ensure that your WordPress website is not only built to look great, but also engineered to last. We do this by managing both the application development and infrastructure architecture internally – here in Australia. This holistic approach provides faster resolutions to new requests and updates as well as improved efficiency and scale through cloud automations.

Here’s how our WordPress for web designers can help you:

  • WordPress web development

  • WordPress custom themes and plugins

  • Integration with 3rd party APIs

  • WordPress hosting in Australia

  • Support existing WordPress websites

Creative website designers

If you have a specific look and feel, or unique brand execution you want to achieve get in touch. We already work with some of the leading creative website designers in Australia to make sure their vision is brought to life. This includes working on WebGL projects and creating other bespoke interactive experiences for brands, campaigns and global organisations.

If you have a great design but don’t know how to code it, or need help with optimising your website for performance or security, we can help.

Looking for a WordPress web designer

We’re not just experts in development and engineering – we’re also well equipped to collaborate or work with clients looking for a WordPress web designer. Our website designers are based in-house and can take care of both the creative aspects of your project and any optimisation requirements you have including UX/UI and conversion optimisation. So, if you’re an organisation who needs help with your website design, get in touch. Our team of designers, developers and strategists are spread across Sydney and Melbourne so local support is never too far away.

As a leading WordPress web design studio, we understand the needs of businesses when it comes to creating a website. With over 15 years in operation, we have the expertise and experience to see your project is completed from start to finish. Get in touch to discuss your WordPress web design or web development needs.

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WordPress for web designers

WordPress is a powerful open source platform for web designers that allow non-developers to contribute to core functionality through themes and plugins. However this flexibility means that security can be compromised if not treated appropriately. Studio Web Design offers our designer clientele an option for using our modified WordPress solution which is both highly secure and fully managed. If you lack the development expertise to deliver end-solutions, save time and trouble by partnering with Studio Web Design to build your websites.

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