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Our preference for WordPress hosting is to support the website and server architecture as a single managed service. As part of this, we utilise a cloud solution using AWS for our WordPress hosting under a multi-tier system architecture. Taking this modular approach gives strict control over all connection interfaces, allowing you to in-turn seperate the application and data layers.

WordPress websites that deliver returns

Before setting up WordPress on AWS it is important to understand the services and infrastructure required to run your website. At a core level, launching a website on AWS is fairly simple and may only require a single EC2 instance, however this may not be ideal for sophisticated web applications that require robustness, performance or cost-efficiency.

If you need assistance from our WordPress AWS DevOps team, we can simplify the process of hosting your website on AWS by providing tailored solutions to suit any specific requirements your organisation may have. To account for this, our team will create a system architecture diagram to map out the services and respective usage of them on the network. This then gives clientele a clear understanding of the approach and methodology we plan to use prior to setting up any infrastructure.

  • Using Amazon S3 as part of hosting WordPress on AWS

  • Utilising Amazon RDS for fully managed relational database

  • What is the cost of WordPress on AWS

What you need to know before hosting WordPress sites on AWS

Before hosting WordPress sites on AWS, there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration. These include the type of services and infrastructure needed, the cost of each service, scalability and availability requirements, the level of performance desired and any applicable security measures. Our WordPress DevOps team can provide advice on each of these considerations as well as assistance for setting up your WordPress on AWS.

Using WordPress on Amazon EC2

WordPress on Amazon EC2 is a hosting option that runs WordPress applications and websites on the AWS environment. WordPress hosted in this way can utilise Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to launch WordPress instances or virtual machines through an Amazon Machine Image (AMI). This service can provide scalability and flexibility and cost effectiveness when compared to shared hosting models, with more control over the WordPress hosting environment and more features. Note that the commissioning EC2 instances on-demand is actually one of the least cost-effective services on AWS and it may be better to utilise other services such as AWS Lambda and/or S3 for further cost savings within your environment.

WordPress and AWS for autoscaling

For clients that need to maintain application availability, WordPress and AWS can be configured to handle autoscaling, meaning that extra virtual machines are added or removed from the environment depending on the load. Monitoring your application in this way allows you to automatically adjust the capacity of your environment to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.

Finding the best WordPress host in Australia

AWS is not the only platform available for hosting your website or WordPress application in Australia. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each solution before making a decision. We provide WordPress hosting services on AWS for clients in Australia, as well as other platforms such as Microsoft Azure, VentraIP and more.

AWS WordPress that is secure

Security is a priority when designing your WordPress hosted environment. To achieve added security, the infrastructure, in both application and database layers, are placed within a Virtual Private Cloud with a controlled flow of data both to and from the rest of the internet, and within internal components of the infrastructure. Data flow is then controlled by security groups, which specify protocol and port configurations for all resource connections. The data is kept secure by ensuring all storage components are encrypted at rest and all communication is kept secure by ensuring messages are encrypted at transit.

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For WordPress hosting in Australia, AWS is our preferred choice due to its reliability and scalability. Our WordPress on AWS services allow us to provide WordPress hosting solutions that maximise uptime and performance, ensuring your WordPress website is always available and running at its best. We can provide our expertise in WordPress and AWS to design, develop and support WordPress websites with the highest security standards in mind. Contact us today for more information about WordPress hosting with AWS.


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